About Us

Freehold EMS is an all volunteer organization. The members of the squad provide emergency medical services to the residents of Freehold Township, and Boro around the clock. 


We have many membership options for residents looking to join, and you can find them below:


Senior Squad: 


Senior Squad is the backbone of the organization. These members are 18 years of age or older, and account for the majority of the members. SS Members are responsible for answering 911 calls. These members fill the many committees within the organization, hold fundraisers, and are run by the Road officers. 


Cadet Corps:


The Cadet Corps. is comprised of members 15-18 years old. Once the age of 16, these members can observe on 911 calls. Cadet Members attend regular meetings, and training oppurtunities. They also take part in Fundraisers, events, and more! The Cadet Corps is run by the Cadet Officers.


Auxiliary Members:


These members are people who do not wish to answer 911 calls, however would still like to volunteer. These members offer a "helping hand" to the riding members. They organize and execute fundraisers, hold community events such as children parties, and more.