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- Well, yes.

- So what is the need: in a new house or in the fact that children are settled in different rooms?

- Here we are confused

Let's look at chapter 14. In this situation, our clients, when calculating and analyzing, again did not take into account the life cycles of the family. When they redesigned the apartment and cleaned one of the rooms, they did not think that the boys would grow up and enter the phase of “male struggle for territory”. Why did they redesign? The motive of one of the spouses is to live in a modern layout. Most likely it is EGO. But since he does not want to pull the blanket over himself, he covers up the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bliving in a modern house with family care.

Here it is important to be able to tell each other the truth. When writing a deal plan, I recommend pulling the hidden motives of the participants to the surface.

The fact is that the need arises out of discomfort: one participant in the transaction is comfortable in certain conditions, the other wants to be in others. But a real estate deal is a search for compromises, otherwise everything will be lost.


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