Member Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions that members have. This should be helpful for you in navigating your way through your membership. Use the magnifying glass to search for a specific topic or question. 

What are my membership requirements?

As a member of the squad - you have certain requirements that you must fulfull in order to remain in good standing. Specific hourly requirments are dependent on your class of membership. Senior Squad Members must complete 32 riding hours per month. Associate Members must complete 16 riding hours per month. Other Requirements: All members have additional responsibilities: 1. Attend monthly business meetings 2. Attend drills/trainings

How do I request a Leave of Absence (LOA)?

We understand that there may be times where you need to request a leave of absence. All leaves should be discussed with the Chief prior to submitting a request. You must submit the online form found here.

How do obtain access to a computer system used at FEMS?

Please enter an IT work ticket to request system access.

How do I get a copy of the By-Laws and Constitution?

The By-Laws & Constitution, along with all squad policies and procedures can be found by visiting our online policy database.

How do I get fitted for a squad uniform?

In order to qualify for a squad issued uniform (either duty or formal), you may need to meet specific eligibility requirements. Click here to submit a uniform fitting request. The Uniform Committee will be in contact with any issues and/or to set up the fitting.

How do I request a letter of recommendation, jury duty exemption, or verification that I volunteer?

To request any of the above items, please click here to fill out a request form. Please allow 7-10 days for the request to be fulfilled.

How do I get added to the squad's email listing?

You should have been added automatically when you joined FEMS. If for some reason, you are not recieving emails or your email address changed, please contact Sean Preston by email at

I want to run for an Officer Position - what do I need to know?

We are glad you are considering taking the next step to becoming a leader at FEMS. Please review Article 2 - Section 3 & 4 of the by-laws and constitution. (Found here) You will need to review the specific eligibility requirements for the position you are interested in running for. You will need to approach the nominating committee to inform them of your interest. Please contact the President to find out the members on the committee.